Siblings Face Off On Ice. Within Seconds Pull Off Unusual ‘Dance’ Making Everyone’s Eyes Pop

John and Sinead Kerr are brother and sister, and they’re professional ice skaters from Scotland. The pair is well known for their unique and interesting routines and performances that break the mold of what ice skating has been traditionally known for.

In the World Figure Skating Championships of 2008, which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, the siblings decided to perform a routine that took them back to their Scottish routes. Dressed in kilts and semi-traditional Scottish garb, with a Scottish folk tune playing in the background, the two began to skate!

Image Credit: YouTube

At first, the audience isn’t sure what to make of the odd song choice, but before long, they get into it and began clapping and cheering! It doesn’t take long for them to realize that this unique choice actually works really well.

Plus, paired with the skaters’ incredibly skill and technique, the theme of their performance just can’t go wrong. The two pull off some amazing moves that look like they defy physics, steeped with Scottish elements that make it even more of a wonderful experience.

Image Credit: YouTube

Watch this brilliant performance below, and you’ll be just as wowed as the crowd by this display of creativity, talent, and what must be ages of practice!

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