Image Credit: Animal Aid Unlimited, India / YouTube

Dogs have a resilient spirit. They love unconditionally and with every fiber of their being. It is no coincidence that dogs are called man’s best friend.


Sadly, one puppy lost all that. He was ignored for so long that his spark just went out of him.

He had no food, no water, no home. He laid down and gave up on life.

Finally, the right people found him!

They thought he was dead at first – but then they realize he was just barely hanging on!

Slowly, they nursed him back to health and named him Oliver.

In the video below, you will see Oliver from the beginning.


The video is rather graphic at first. Remember, when Oliver was found everyone thought he had died.

Take a look at this video

But being able to see Oliver now is the best!

While he has bounced back, Oliver still needs to gain some more weight – and find a forever home!

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