Tony Hawk Miracle Puppy

At some point we have all talked about how we would like something to just conveniently fall out of the sky for us.


Wouldn’t that be nice, for example, to just have a windfall of cash?

That is something that would be absolutely welcome for many of us in this day and age – especially for those who are struggling financially presently.

A puppy falling out of the sky, however, was definitely something that this group construction workers weren’t expecting on this otherwise ordinary working day.

The workers had been minding their own business when they suddenly heard a puppy crying in the distance.

Obviously, these people were not heartless beings, and so decided to go looking for the source of the sound.


Understandable, since the puppy must have sounded distressed – from falling out from the sky.

The construction workers had managed to look around in time to see the puppy plummeting down towards the ground, presumably dropped by the hawk that was flying around in the sky.

Facebook/Austin Animal Center

It was easy to put two and two together – clearly, the large bird had managed to get its claws on the small canine creature for lunch, and had decided to drop him to make the puppy easier to eat.

Luckily for the one-pound Chihuahua puppy, the workers managed to rescue him and rushed him over to a local animal hospital.


There, it turns out the puppy’s luck had saved more than just his life.

Further examination revealed that this puppy had, at his worse, only received some injuries to his head and chest that were described as fairly mild.

Those wounds were mainly from being held in the hawk’s talons and from the fall. Overall, however, the puppy hadn’t received anything serious or life-threatening – not even a broken bone.

Amazing, considering the horrible ordeal this tiny creature had just undergone this early in its life.

To no one’s surprise, the vets started calling this pup a ‘miracle puppy’ and nicknamed him “Tony Hawk,” in reference to how the pup had survived a drop from a hawk in mid-air.


Once the initial emergency care was complete, the pup was handed over to the Austin Animal Care Center to complete a round of further care.

After that, the puppy was placed in the care of a foster home.

Facebook/Austin Animal Center

Because this puppy is still such a young one, he is now getting some much-needed socialization, care, and attention while he makes a full recovery.

He is certainly being pampered by his foster family, no question about it!


It won’t be a while until he is ready to be adopted out, but this pup already has a waiting list of people who are interested in taking him home.

Looks like this little fellow is going to have a happy ending after all that has happened to him!

In the meantime, please take this pup’s story as a reminder to be careful with your small pets, and to protect them from wildlife!

You wouldn’t want your furry friends to become prey, would you?

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