Porch thief steals tv

It’s not safe to leave items on someone’s doorstep when no one is home. Yet delivery people still do this despite the high possibility that the items could be stolen.

It did not take long for someone to take an interest when one delivery company dropped off a giant flat screen TV on the porch of Maryland house.

A couple of opportunistic men decided to steal the television set even if one of them had to struggle to haul it off the property.

Porch Thief Struggles With Big Screen

Video footage showed the thief and a companion driving their car in reverse towards the driveway of the home where a new TV set was left outside.

While the other guy stayed in the car so they could make a quick getaway, the other walked towards the lawn to get the television.

The TV was a 65″ Sharp Aquos 4K Ultra HD TV as stated in the box. It’s worth at least $700 on the company’s website.

But the unidentified man fumbled and dropped the TV on the ground a few times because it was too heavy for just one man to carry.

The flatscreen unit was also too big for the sedan. The TV just won’t fit no matter how hard he squeezed it into the backseat.

So, the thief decided to stick the TV on the trunk after realizing he won’t be able to close the car’s door.

Porch Thief Struggles With Big Screen

But the trunk space was a lot smaller than the backseat’s space.

Left with no choice, the man decided to just stick the TV back to the backseat and leave the door open as his driver sped off.

Marsedah Diggs, the owner of the TV set, said that while everyone laughed at the thief’s actions when she showed the CCTV footage, she was not amused.

She wished the TV had broken into a thousand pieces so that the men who took it won’t have any more use for it.

Porch Thief Struggles With Big Screen

Diggs bought the TV set at Walmart with her hard-earned cash and she wants the culprits apprehended so that they will not do it again.

So, she went to the police to report the incident and showed them the video footage. In the meantime, Walmart replaced her item for free.

Apparently, Diggs was away for a couple of days when the TV arrived around the Thanksgiving holiday.

FedEx did the delivery but Walmart doesn’t require a recipient’s signature so it was left on the front door.

Porch Thief Struggles With Big Screen

The Prince George County police released Diggs’ video to the public in order to get some leads about their identity.

They also warned the public to be extra careful during the holidays because of theft spikes during this period.

The police advised that if people are expecting packages but they won’t be in town, it would be better to change the delivery address to the office so that someone would be able to receive it.

They also suggested to use an Amazon locker, a post office box, or indicate a package pickup at the courier’s office if you’re not going to be home.