Little Girl Innocently Plays With Pool Noodle, Mother Sends Urgent Warning To All Parents

What started out as a fun day in the pool nearly ended in tragedy for Lacey Grace’s daughter, four-year-old Elianna. If Lacey hadn’t recalled reading about something similar in the news, then the seemingly insignificant accident would have gone unchecked.

Elianna was in her grandparents’ pool, playing with her friend with a pool noodle, and the two were blowing water at each other through the holes in the floating object. At some point, this resulted in Elianna accidentally taking in pool water. She quickly threw the water up and reverted back to playing as usual, and all seemed fine.

Image Credit: Facebook / Lacey Grace

But two days later, on Monday, little Elianna developed a fever. Fevers aren’t unusual for kids, and on Tuesday, she seemed to be better, but the next day she was sent home from school early because the fever was back. That’s when Lacey, who had been thinking about the freak accident, remembered the news story that had been making her feel so uneasy: one of four-year-old Frankie Delgado, who passed away days after inhaling pool water.

Lacey took Elianna to urgent care right after picking her up on Wednesday, praying that doctors would say she was fine. But in 10 minutes, the doctor saw her extremely high heart rate and low levels of oxygen and said she had to be moved, ASAP, to the nearest ER, for fear of chemical poisoning.

Image Credit: Facebook / Lacey Grace

At the ER, an X-ray revealed infections and inflammation all caused by the chemicals from the swimming pool. Elianna had to be moved to an even bigger hospital so specialists could watch over her around the clock. She was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, chemical pneumonitis, and perihilar edema.

Thankfully, because Lacey remembered the horrifying news story, Elianna’s life was saved. She is responding well to treatment. Meanwhile, Lacey’s co-workers have set up a fundraiser for medical fees. You can donate here.

Image Credit: Facebook / Lacey Grace

Lacey would like to caution and remind parents to take their kids to the doctor immediately if they inhale swimming pool water. It just might save their lives.