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Parrot Goes To ‘Jail’ After Warning Owners About Police Drug Raid

The majority of police officers, especially those that specialize in handling drug raids, are trained to handle guard dogs and attack dogs.

Several Brazilian police officers were executing a recent drug raid when they faced the question of how to handle a different type of guard animal.

During a drug raid in Vila Irmã Dulce, police nearly had their cover blown by a guard parrot when he began to cry out, “mum, the police! Mum, the police!”

The police officers were still able to bust up the crack den that was located inside a small brick house with no windows, run by a couple living in Piauí.


However, because the parrot’s warning cries were so specific to the police, officers knew that he must have been trained.

The police brought the parrot in to be detained in order to learn more about how the bird knew to tip off its owners in the event of a drug raid.


The officer even “arrested” the small bird by carrying him out while the bird perched on his fingers.

Believe it or not, a drug-trafficking parrot, also known as the papagaio do tráfico isn’t as rare as you may think.


Parrots are not only highly trainable, but they are also quite loyal to their owners who train, feed and care for them.

The parrot was brought to the police station after the raid, but the drug dealers’ feathered accomplice simply stood in silence on a countertop at the police station, watching as police carefully cataloged bags of crack cocaine.


The bird simply wouldn’t “sing,” proving that this particular parrot wouldn’t “snitch” on its owners.

Brazil’s news reported that since the bird was not a “cooperating witness,” it would be transferred to the local zoo.


Zookeepers will teach the bird how to fly before setting it free.

While the bird wasn’t able to be any help to the police, that didn’t stop officers from all around to stop by the station and see the drug-trafficking parrot.