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Orangutan Asks Burn Survivor To Peel Back Bandages, Crowd’s Baffled By Reaction To Her Scars

We’ve heard of humans showing care and concern for others, but can animals show compassion for humans? Darci Miller thinks so.

2015 was a year that Darci would never forget. Flames from trash that she was burning outside of her home in Indiana traveled up her chest and neck in an instant.

She received care at a burn center near her home.

Two years later, as she was recovering from her 12th surgery, she and her fiance Jason went to enjoy themselves at the Indianapolis Zoo.

They found themselves at the primate exhibit, and Darci’s life would change again in an instant.

While they were standing at the glass of the orangutan enclosure, Rocky, a 12-year-old orangutan left his group and went over to an isolated area next to the glass.

Darci and Jason followed him to get a closer look.

Rocky immediately noticed Darci’s bandages and became very curious.

With his hands on the glass, and his face pressed up against the window he made eye contact with her and pointed to her bandages.

She lifted her bandages to show the curious primate.

Jason captured their magical interaction on his phone. “He wants you to show him,” Jason said, “That’s crazy, he wants to see it.”

For 20 minutes there was Rocky, and there was Darci. Rocky studying her wounds; Darci unwrapping her scars and receiving his compassion.

Other people at the zoo that were lucky enough to witness this special interaction marveled at the sight.

According to orangutan experts and the zookeepers who saw the video footage, Rocky is very curious and was indeed interested in Darci and her wounds.

He was communicating through his eyes and gestures.

Watch this heartwarming encounter in the video below to experience for yourself this riveting example of an animal showing care and concern for a human being.

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