When this father from Oklahoma learned that his 15-year-old daughter was receiving inappropriate messages on Facebook from an unknown man, he knew he had to step up to do something about it.

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The parent found out about the man’s shady behavior through an app called FamilyTime, which can be used to monitor other phones.

The messages he uncovered showed the stalker’s slow but sure attempts to solicit an in-person meeting with his daughter and trying to convince her to agree.

He had also sent her inappropriate pictures that his daughter did not want to receive.

Image Credit: YouTube

The father’s heart dropped when he realized that the predator seemed to be planning to meet his daughter that night in their home.

He rushed to the police to report this behavior, but without any in person or video proof of catching the disgusting man in the act, they were unable to help.

So, this dad took matters into his own hands.

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He enlisted the help of some cousins and his wife and set up a night vision camera, trained on a tent in their backyard.

Then, they lay in wait, with his wife pretending to be their daughter in the tent and the men standing by.

When the stalker arrived and made a move to the tent, all three men charged and tackled him to the ground!

They flipped him over and secured his hands and feet with zip ties.

Image Credit: YouTube

The man was identified as someone named Jeremy Dewayne Gibson.

The police were so impressed by the actions of this father, saying their operation was conducted so professionally without ever harming the assailant.

Find out what the conclusion of this heart-stopping story is in the video below!

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