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Latest Beauty Trend Has People Getting Hair Extensions For The Nose

The standards of beauty differ in various parts of the world.

For the longest time, people were fully aware of nose hairs and how undesirable they look when peeking out of the nostrils.

However, this has changed and given rise to a new beauty trend.

Nowadays, there are hair extensions that are made specially designed for the nose. They are worn to give an illusion that one has nose hairs peeking out.

Many people are beginning to follow the nose hair extension trends.

There is an Instagrammer by the handle @gret_chen_chen who has picked up this trend and uses false eyelashes for her nostrils.

There has been a fair share of weird beauty trends in the past like bow brows, but the nose hair extensions are by far the most bizarre.

The nose hair extensions look like spider logs peeping out of one’s nose. While this may seem weird to some, most people like the look.

If you would like to see more nose hair extensions, you can find pictures on Instagram by using the hashtag nose hair extensions.

Here you are bound to find many women showing off this peculiar trend. Unfortunately, this is not the first time items are being stuck up people’s noses.

A few years back, there is a man that visited a doctor for a blocked nose. The doctor found a tooth up his nose.

The man who is from Denmark has had congestion, lack of smell and discharge issues for many years before finally deciding to visit a doctor.

An x-ray performed on the man revealed the tooth in his nose.

The British Medical Journey believes the tooth got stuck in his nasal cavity after the man suffered a facial trauma when young.

According to MMJ Case Reports, the man had the tooth up his nose most of his life, but its onset symptoms were late.