newborn baby amputate leg

When a couple welcomes their baby to the world, they hope the staff at the hospital will have their infants best interest at heart.

They are the experts and have been trained to give the child the ultimate in care.

In cases like this, a nurse was negligent to the needs of a baby under their care.

The story begins in China with a 4 day old infant.

A nurse neglected the small baby after leaving a hair dryer running in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Because the electrical gadget was set so close to the baby and near its bedside, the newborn sustained injuries.

The burns were so serious that the infant needed to have his leg amputated.

newborn baby amputate leg

Henan Metropolitan News spoke with the baby’s father.

He told the news channel, “if the nurse had tended to the needs of my son and promptly removed the hair dryer from his bedside, my son would have only sustained minor burns.”

Apologies were extended by the Hospitals Deputy Director.

The facility even offered to pay a portion of the infant’s medical costs.

However, the family has not accepted the hospitals overtures yet.

The grandmother of the infant is worried about her grandchild.

At four days old, she feels that he’s already starting out his life with a disability.

She also wonders what his future will bring with the loss of his leg?

Comments on the Daily mail were passionate and one viewer remarked: “The nurse may have been overloaded with patients, but that’s no excuse for leaving an infant in such a dangerous predicament.

There’s simply no excuse to leave a dryer blowing on the infant for over an hour.

Living with a handicap in the United States and UK can be difficult enough.

But facing a handicap in Asia is far worse.”

newborn baby amputate leg

Other comments voiced by readers: “Do they really blow dry infants following a bath?”

A nurse responded, “I worked in a NICU for 3 years at the beginning of my nursing career. I’m confused with the use of a hairdryer and feel it is of no use, especially around infants.”

Another reader posted: “Stupid nurse. In addition to being fired, they should also face charges for reckless endangerment and negligence to an infant.”