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6-Year-Old Girl’s Kindness To A Homeless Man Is An Example For All Of Us

An amazing tale of compassion had touched the hearts of netizens when a woman named Kenyatta Lewis posted it on Facebook.

She had took out her daughter for shopping when they had passed by a homeless man on the way.

Even though Kenyatta ignored the man and had tried in vain to get her daughter to hurry past him, her daughter had noticed something.

Turned out that the homeless man was crying as he was penniless and had no place to stay.

So she approached him and asked him why he was sitting on the floor.

She suggested for him to go back home but the man had told her that he was homeless.

She felt pitiful for him and gave some money from her own purse, telling him to get some food for himself while gesturing to a McDonald’s outlet nearby.

Her act of kindness brought a smile to the man’s face and started a conversation with them, he told them that his trailer was burned down. He had lost everything, even his wife.

Meanwhile, two people had overheard their conversation so they approached the man and gave him some more money to help him!

Look at this image:

Image Credit: Love What Matters / Facebook

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