Moses Jesus And Old Man Plays Golf

You may have heard this, but it’s a cute story worth repeating.

An old man, Jesus and Moses go golfing.

Moses goes first. The drive appears good, high and long, until the wind moves the ball slightly off course, just enough to land it in the water.

Unconcerned, Moses merely parts the water. From there, with only one stroke, he chips it right into the hole.

Jesus goes next. His ball also goes high and long and lands in the water, but this is no problem for Jesus.

He walks on the water and also chips his ball into the hole in one stroke.

Now it’s the old man’s turn to show them how it’s done. The same thing happens, but suddenly a fish jumps up and catches the ball in its mouth.

As the fish is diving back into the water, an eagle swoops down to grab the fish.

All looks lost until a sharp bolt of lightning flashes through the sky close to the eagle as it flies over the green, startling the eagle to drop the fish from its mouth.

The fish lands on the green a couple of feet from the hole. The ball pops out of its mouth and rolls right into the hole for a hole-in-one.

Jesus is a bit miffed and says, “Dad, that’s not fair. “Do that again, and we’re not going to play with you anymore.”

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