Sheree Psaila was born with an extremely rare medical condition known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, or AMC.


Recently, she did something with this condition that is nothing short of a miracle.

AMC occurs in newborns and results in lower levels of joint flexibility at its core, though symptoms can vary drastically among patients.

Some experience stiffness of the joints and weakness of their muscles, and many must seek additional medical care to prevent severe joint problems later in life.

Psaila is only four feet in height and her AMC her bodily structure is such that she almost does not have any muscle tissue in any of her limbs.

The disease affects her so severely that when she was first born, her parents were told she would likely not live past the age of one.


But Psaila’s strength and determination have gotten her past the initial difficult years. She is now 23 and doing well. Still, it took her many, many years to overcome her challenges.

In order to attend a special needs school, doctors suggested that she be placed in a wheelchair, but she refused.

Psaila was determined to learn to walk by herself. At the age of five, Psaila successfully took her first steps.

Though she was bullied, she ignored the taunts and focused on getting stronger and becoming better.


Then, while studying in Australia, Sheree met Chris. Chris, who has a hereditary condition that resulted in lower spine damage, was able to understand Sheree’s position and empathize with her.

Sheree and Chris soon fell in love, and they got married in 2015. They were eager to begin building a family of their own.

But doctors weren’t too sure that would be a good idea.

They believed that Sheree’s very small body would not be properly equipped to successfully carry a baby to term with enough of the necessary room for the baby’s growth.

But Sheree had gone her entire life being defiant against all odds and going for her goals, so she decided to try for a baby anyway.


Sheree and Chris successfully conceived for the first time shortly after. Unfortunately, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

Still, Sheree would not be defeated, and she tried again, ignoring the advice of her doctors. This time, when she became pregnant again, her baby continued to safely grow.

However, the pregnancy was incredibly difficult for Sheree. Her baby bump became so large it was nearly as big as she was, and she started to suffer constant horrible pain.

She and Chris had to move to Melbourne in order to be in closer proximity to professional medical assistance.


And then, at the end of 2017, the miracle occurred. Sheree gave birth to Hayden, a healthy and bouncing baby boy free from any congenital diseases or conditions.

It made all the struggles the couple has suffered through completely and utterly worth it.

Today, Hayden is nearly as big as his mother already, and though it’s difficult for Sheree to care for him, Hayden’s life is full of love and kindness.

Sheree can’t often pick Hayden up without assistance, but she and Chris are always there to watch as their son – their miracle of life – grows stronger and happier every day.