Every parent of a teenager realizes how many changes come during this stage of life.

As teenagers begin to explore their independence and autonomy, their parents often feel as though their connection is being lost.

Although this closeness is normally regained later in life, it can be hard to deal with this loss of connection at first.

Marieke Voorsluijs is a mother from Amsterdam with two sons who are entering into their teenage phases.

She understands that pain that every mother experiences during this time.

Her sons no longer want to cuddle, and this reality is taking a toll on Marieke.

However, this tough mother wasn’t just about to accept this change.

She prepared some yarn and created a new son to replace the one who had grown apart.


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Marieke reminisces about when she used to cuddle with her son.

This was a regular occurrence that is now becoming rarer.

Her son would rather play with his phone, listen to music, or hang out with his friends.

As any good mother should, Marieke is allowing her son to go through these natural changes.

She often jokes with her son about their differing needs.

He is seeking freedom and autonomy, and she wants to keep smothering him with love.

Marieke is a professional knitter who even has her own brand of knitwear called Club Geluk.

Although she has knitted several items of clothing, knitting an entire son is something new even for Marieke.

Club Geluk specializes in the extraordinary and bizarre.

They have knitted televisions, plants, hams, and more.

To stretch her abilities, Marieke decided to knit her son. He liked the idea and decided to help in the process.

The mother and son team received a lot of attention for their knitting endeavor.

Some people were horrified by the idea, and others were very excited to see the final result.

After working for two months straight, the project was finally complete.

Marieke and her son were able to knit an entire person that looked like him.

Now, Marieke has a reminder of her son whenever she misses those days of cuddling.