Half of all marriages today end in divorce. It’s a truly saddening statistic, and we often associate the ending of a marriage with bitterness, anger, and too many tears to count.

It’s admittedly quite rare to see a couple that is able to deal with the heartbreaking separation in a manner that can be considered healthy.

But Codie LaChelle McPhate’s parents have got it all figured out.

One day, she decided to post a picture of her father on Facebook, which showed him mowing her mother’s lawn.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first – until Codie explains that this is the 28th year since her parents first divorced.

Codie’s dad knows he doesn’t have to mow that lawn, especially given the fact that it’s his ex-wife’s. But it’s something he wants to do because he wants to help her.

The pair decided to stay friends after splitting, a difficult decision that Codie feels she and her siblings have benefited from.

Codie’s mother’s knees give her trouble, making it hard for her to do laborious tasks.

Her stepdad, who is married to her mom now, helps when he can, but he spends a lot of his time out of town for work.

When her dad realized that her mom couldn’t mow her own lawn easily, he decided to get over and help, expecting nothing in return!

To Codie, the fact that her parents stayed friends after their divorce has truly helped her.

She had a total of four parents who all co-parent her and her siblings, and they respect each other very much – something that has been a great example to Codie when she grew up.

It taught her about loving a family and treating others with kindness, despite circumstances that could make that difficult.

After her post gained some attention, Codie wrote some more information on a Love What Matters post.

She said that her dad was visiting her during his vacation and took time out to help her mother, just because he could, and just because he knew she needed it.

Since her post went viral, many have taken their hats off to Codie’s mom and dad, as many people know how difficult it is to interact with an ex-spouse.

But Codie’s friends and family aren’t surprised to know that her dad does this. He’s a compassionate man and this is the exact kind of thing he would do.

The bond her dad and mom share despite their divorce is built on kindness, and it’s why they’re able to interact so well together even today.

When the divorce was first in motion, Codie’s parents both decided to act like mature adults and respect each other throughout the difficult time.

They recognized that, at some point, they had deeply loved one another – and although the romantic side of that love may have faded, it still counts for something.

Plus, they wanted to set a good example for their kids.

That’s the kind of love and respect that makes for fantastic relationships, even platonic ones!