Our precious pups deserve nothing less than tender love and care. That’s why passionate dog owners become reasonably disgruntled with negligent dog owners.


Deborah, a clear champion of animal rights, can attest to how disturbing it is to witness such glaring carelessness.

One morning, Deborah was spending time with her furry friend at Fred Anderson Dog Park in Chicago. It wasn’t until a pompous man strolled in that her day was spoiled.

Deborah states that this unidentified man traipsed into the dog park with full intentions of having other dog owners serve as his babysitter.

He subsequently dumped the dog into the middle of the park and confidently walked off.

Others in the park were appalled to witness this. Deborah and some other park-goers banned together to avenge the abandoned dog.

As the pup grew increasingly nervous and concerned, Deborah made the executive decision to enlist help from a local animal rescue team.


Before the help could arrive, the dog’s owner returned.

For nearly 30 minutes, the dog was left to fend for himself while the man carried on with his day.

Such flagrant disregard for the animal’s well-being prompted Deborah to confront the man.

She whipped out her camera and berated the man while he shouted profanities at her.

He became so aggravated that he spat at her before lifting his dog by the leash and thrusting him into the car.

The footage displays the owner’s true colors.