Most people would agree that the love of family means everything.

Even if the family is one that is made of animals, the same love is often shared between the parents and the children, especially between the mother and her babies.

A pair of Golden Retrieve parents have gazed happily at their new puppies ever since they were born.

The owners of the dogs put colored bandanas around the neck of each puppy so that they could tell them apart.

When you look at the mother and father, they have a relaxed expression, almost as if they know that they are meant to be together as a family.

The father rests right beside the puppies in the same bed while the little ones nurse.

They even touch their paws together until the puppies are done eating.

The father will lay his head on the mother as a way to protect her and show her that she’s loved.

When the puppies are in a line in front of the parents, the mother and father get a few winks of sleep as well.