Fears in life aren’t few and far between. When you think about it, we all have something spooky that we just can’t stand.

Maybe heights make your skin crawl, or maybe snakes give you a serious case of the heebie-jeebies.

Above all, there seems to be one big fear that we all have in the back of our minds: spiders.

Reader beware, if creepy-crawlies with eight legs keep you up at night, then what you are about to see may unnerve you.

Even the bravest spider-tamers might be freaked out by what you are about to see.

It all started with a friendly call from a neighbor. Jason, our unsuspecting cameraman, got a call from his neighbor to come and check out “something cool” happening in the kitchen next door.

Usually, when my neighbors call me up to check something out, I assume it’s going to be something cute their dog or kid did.

But not today.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, Jason couldn’t miss it. Both he and the internet would never be the same after what he saw on the refrigerator.

There, slowly crawling up the side of the refrigerator, was a spider carrying an entire mouse.

Oh, the horror! That’s certainly not my idea of something cool!

The huntsman spider must have been taking the mouse back to its nest to devour. I have to wonder if that mouse was already dead when the spider found it.

Once the initial shock from what he was seeing faded, Jason whipped out his smartphone and recorded a video of the spectacle.

He uploaded the video to Facebook, and since its upload, it has accrued over 24 million views.

Jason followed up his post confirming that no harm came to the arachnid. Apparently, he and his neighbor named the spider Hermie, and now he even pays rent!

What’s your take on the disturbing, skin-crawling sight?

Personally, I hope Hermie stays where he belongs–in a video on the internet and out of my kitchen.