The internet is full of photos and videos showing that dogs who have adopted a kitten as their own, or a mother cat allowing an orphaned puppy to suckle at her breast.

Cats and dogs especially seem to have an innate ability to get along with each other and nurture each other.

But now there’s an online video showing just how far animals will go to protect younger and more defenseless members, even those who are not the same species.

A white German Shepherd dog named Shadow is shown in the video mothering a recently born pygmy goat.

As soon as the infant goat approached the very large dog, her instinct to protect it took over.

Shadow’s owners now report that she is nursing and caring for the baby goat just as though it were one of her own German Shepherd puppies.

Every time the goat lays down alongside her, Shadow seems to be smiling as she enthusiastically wags her tail.

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