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Former NFL Linebacker Fights Off Robbers, Helps Police Capture Murderers

This is an unexpected and funny story concerning thugs – after all, who’d knew that karma would get them so fast?

Four thugs in a hideout decided to steal wallets – starting from a pizza delivery guy.

After faking an order, they hid near the door and front porch to ambush him – while they lie in wait.

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But it wasn’t your average Joe that delivered the pizza. It was the owner himself – the 6-feet tall and 250-pound former NFL linebacker, Napoleon Harris!

He had retired from his sports career, and currently serves as a state senator while owning a pizzeria!

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The four men, with Harris’s wallet in tow, were chased into a lumberyard. They were surrounded by the local authorities by then. Only one of the thugs managed to escape.

The vehicle the thugs used was a stolen car.

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The owner of the vehicle was a man named Lester Roy Jones – he was found dead along the streets of Georgia.

Harris’s bravery is also praised by local Police spokesman Sean Howard, citing him as fully capable in handling such an issue!

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