If falling sick is already a difficult thing to manage, trying to handle an ill baby is one of the hardest things to deal with.

Being newly born into this world and having no previous history, they obviously have never fallen ill before.

As a result, your baby’s first few illnesses are literally the worst they have ever had and will act accordingly.

So all that dramatic crying and screaming isn’t for show or exaggeration – that really is how it feels like for them.

Any loving parent will, of course, want to do what is best for their child, and relieve them of their symptoms the best they can.

In the case of the flu or the common cold, however, this can prove borderline possible.

Congested noses are already a pain to deal with as an adult, what more a child with much smaller airways who has yet to learn how to clear their sinuses?

Especially when the solution to wait it out isn’t acceptable. Even worse, many decongestants aren’t approved for use with babies and toddlers.

This mother may have just found the solution.

Brianna Whedbee is a mom of a young toddler, who had just gotten the cold.

Frustrated with the lack of help she was getting from modern medicine, she decided to get creative and find alternatives.

The result – what she calls a “decongestant herbal bath” that she tested on her son.

Brianna Whedbee/Facebook

The picture she posted on Facebook speak for themselves – her baby boy sitting in the tub with an unbelievable amount of snot trailing down his face.

According to Whedbee, the mucus soon drained itself out and cleared out her son’s sinuses – a resounding success.

She claims the magic ingredient was the essential oils she used – a few drops each of eucalyptus and peppermint oil.

Brianna Whedbee/Facebook

Her application of the oils was thus – she added the oils to a warm bath and kept the door closed to trap in the steam.

Then, she threw in “less than a handful each” of peppermint leaves, mullein flowers, elderflowers, and chamomile.

After the bath was prepared did she only then sat her son in it.

Brianna Whedbee/Facebook

An important note to bear in mind that the use of essential oils for babies is not recommended by all doctors.

This is because a high concentration of essential oils can cause skin aspiration, and breathing in an essential oil may cause pneumonia.

Additionally, a child can also have unknown allergies to an essential oil.

While the usage of a few drops of essential oil to large amounts of water may seem like a good way to dilute the stuff, it should be noted that essential oils can only truly be diluted with other oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.

Nevertheless, it seems that Whedbee’s solution has converted a few believers if her post’s 14,000 shares are anything to go by.

While care should be taken when using these oils with children, hopefully, Whedbee’s herbal bath recipe may help many more ill children.