Image Credit: News 5 Cleveland / YouTube

Oops! One woman thought she was doing the right thing.

Her neighbor was selling babies and just knew that it had to stop!

Kathy Cadle was visited by police one night.

She and her sister, Rachel Smith, had been accused of human trafficking!

But, they had not been selling babies – not real live babies anyway.

The sisters who live in Lorain, Ohio make dolls for therapy purposes.

A woman on Facebook misunderstood the ad she saw on Facebook and reported the sisters to the police!

The situation was figured out quickly, and no actual charges were ever filed.

Cadle says her dolls help people with dementia.

The dolls give them hope and purpose.

Take a look at this video!

Happily, as news of this funny mix-up spreads, the sisters are doing better business!

They are getting requests from around the world!

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