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Dog’s Ear Falls Off After Owner Dyed It Pink

In this day and age, the inability to customize something sounds like an absolute failure on the part of the designer.

How could you leave out something that is increasingly considered a necessity, in a world where everyone wants to stand out as an individual?

This need to be special, however, can get really crazy – just look at some really crazy body modifications like sclera tattooing!

It can be argued, however, that as long as the person is an adult perfectly aware of what they are doing and consents to it, then there really isn’t much else that can be said.

But what if the receiver of such a body modification is a pet?

A Thai woman known by her Facebook name as Ampaipan Wachaporn had decided to get her dog looking picture perfect via dyeing its ears red.

On the 7th of February, the Pomeranian named Diffy underwent what initially seemed to be a perfectly normal dyeing process that was 40 minutes long and used foil wrap.

Perky, upright ears are one of the characteristic hallmarks of this adorable breed, so Diffy’s ears drooping shortly after the fur job alarmed its owner.

She wrote a post about it on Facebook noting the floppy ears but added that the store had reassured her those ears would be back to their perky selves in a few days.

Dog Ear Falls Out

It never happened.

Not only did the ears became increasingly droopy, the dyed skin started showing symptoms that anybody who dyes their hair on a regular basis would know as a skin allergy to the dye.

It could no longer be denied by this point – something had definitely gone horribly wrong.

Dog Ear Falls Out

No one knows what might have caused it – was Diffy secretly allergic to the dye, or was because the shop had applied too much strong fur dye?

It was too late to start pointing fingers, however – when the scabs that had formed over Diffy’s wounds finally fell off, it came with a surprise.

One of her ears came off in a single, solid piece as well!

Despite the photo evidence provided by the owner, you would be forgiven for being initially skeptical. How could a whole ear fall off?

As it turns out, a local vet has confirmed it is very possible, for all sorts of reasons.

Dog Ear Falls Out

Whatever the reasons may have been for the loss of Diffy’s ears, it bears reminding that hair dye and bleach for humans are meant for just humans alone.

These chemicals don’t react to a canine body the way they do with humans, which can lead to disastrous results as seen in Diffy’s case.

On top of that, dogs don’t exactly understand what is happening with them, or how toxic the stuff that is going onto their fur can be.

What if they lick it? What if the chemicals fall into their eyes and blind them?

Dog Ear Falls Out

In the end, it is best to just embrace your dogs as they naturally are.

If you really wanna spice up their appearances regardless, always prioritise their safety first!