A forest fire was ravaging the port city of Valparaiso, Chile. Forest fires are a common occurrence in Chile, especially after the dry, hot summer they had last year.

People were being evacuated, and rescue teams were out helping anyone who was trapped.

puppies buried alive

The massive fire caused Chile to declare a state of emergency. The cause of the blaze is thought to have come from an illegal landfill.

Firefighters were working hard to control the blaze tiring to minimize the damage. It has got to be a frightening thing to experience a fire.

The flames are so hot and spread so quickly you don’t have much time to think.

puppies buried alive

But humans are not the only ones affected by fires, as we saw in the stories that emerged from the recent wildfires in Tennessee.

During this particular fire, a momma dog had her own family to worry about.

Who knows how this dog knew what to do – but to save her newborn puppies, she buried them in a hole.

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