Image Credit: ViralHog / Rumble

What would you do if you saw a stray dog dragging his legs behind him down the street?

I would try to do what I could to help the poor creature – wouldn’t you?

Well, a passerby saw a dog dragging his legs and did stop to help.

You can see the dog try to get the attention of the people on motorcycles, no one stops.

But, as soon as the dog got the attention he wanted – up he popped!

There was nothing wrong with his back legs!

How did he learn to do that?

What have we just witnessed?

stray dog on the street
Image Credit: N/A

Someone needs to get that dog an acting contract! He had us all fooled.

stray dog on the street
Image Credit: N/A

Well, played dog, well played.

I would fall for that one over and over!

The video may take a while to load – but stick with it, it is worth watching to the end!

I hope the camera person got that dog off the streets.

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