dog dies of a broken heart

There are movements everywhere about how important it is to take care of a pet you initially brought home and promised to take care of.

We all know that every pet you bring home deserves a loving family and a home that will protect them from the dangers outside.

Assuming that something goes wrong while your pet is under your care and you can’t take care of them anymore, abandoning them isn’t the solution.

We have to be responsible enough to take them to a no-kill shelter where they will have everything they need to heal.

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But again, that would be a perfect world, right?

Unfortunately, the world we live in isn’t so perfect, at least not for this one pup nicknamed ‘Nube Viajera’ (translated to ‘Traveling Cloud’).

After this devastated pup was mercilessly abandoned at Colombia’s Bucaramanga Airport, she refused to eat or drink while searching for her family, and this eventually led to her death.

Day by day, she became weaker and weaker, anyone who saw her knew she was heartbroken and upset.

People did everything they could to help, but she just wanted her family back.

Even a vet was called in the airport to administer an intravenous drip, but it was too late.

This poor pup literally passed away from a broken heart.

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Everyone who witnessed this poor pup’s plight were all heartbroken and sad that the family abandoned their family pup without a care in the world.

Her last moments on Earth were painful, heartbreaking and just plain devastating – all she wanted was her family back, but what she got instead was a broken heart.

Rest in peace, pup.