Able-bodied people take a lot of their body’s senses for granted, and that’s something Anna Trupiano found out one day while teaching her first-grade class.

This Washington DC teacher works at a school that is specialized in providing education and support to students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing: Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.

Trupiano teaches multiple different students, some who she’s known for a while, especially considering the fact that the school often teaches children from the moment they are born and way up to the eighth grade.

Apart from standard school stuff, she also imparts wisdom upon her students about general life skills and facts.

One such fact? Farting. Yes, you read that correctly.

It all started when a boy, aged just six years old, passed gas in class.

A few classmates turned around and began to laugh at him – something he absolutely wasn’t expecting at all.

He was completely horrified and embarrassed, as he didn’t know that other people could actually hear him when he farted.


What followed was a hilarious conversation entirely in American Sign Language between Trupiano and some of her students as she attempted to educate them on the way farts work.

Luckily for us, she decided to transcribe it in dialog form and post it on Facebook, so we can all laugh along with her.

Apparently, this boy was absolutely shocked to discover that people could hear his farts!

A second child asked if they can hear all of them.

Trupiano explained that others can hear some farts, but not all of them.

This led to more confusion from a third student, who asked how you can tell which ones can be heard and which ones can.

Trupiano then proceeded to describe how, if you pass gas and feel your butt vibrate, there’s a good chance someone can hear it!

The first boy asked her to tell everyone to stop listening to his farts, to which she patiently explained that whether or not they hear something is not something hearing people can control.

In response, the second kid said he just wouldn’t fart ever again.

Trupiano told him that farting is healthy and he shouldn’t – and likely can’t – stop.

She also mentioned that everyone farts, and the third kid was also surprised by this.

He asked incredulously if even his mom and dad fart, and if even Trupiano herself farts!

Of course, she said yes to all those questions. By this point, a lot of children were laughing hard.

The first student asked again to clarify if all farts can be smelled and heard, and Trupiano said some of them can be.

The second child asked if hearing people can actually physically see farts, and before Trupiano could reply, the third student butt in to say they could, because on TV farts look like green gas.

Trupiano had to quickly say that this doesn’t happen in real life, at which point all three kids decided farts were too complicated and gave up trying to understand them.

This hilarious exchange just proves what teachers go through and how hard they work to teach their kids.

Especially people like Trupiano, who jokingly says she sat through eight years of university for this job!

It sure put a smile on our faces.