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Customer At Burger King Asks For Refund, But How Employee Reacted Is Going Viral

As the saying goes “The customer is always right” – right? If you have ever worked in retail, that is generally the case. But not always.

The customer in this video wanted a refund for her shake.

She went up to the counter at the Burger King and got the worst example of customer service – ever. And she caught it all on video!

The Burger King employee isn’t willing to give the customer her refund and even starts to curse.

Wait until you see what happens when the employee realizes that she is being filmed!

Another Burger King employee comes out and tries to get the first one to calm down – but it doesn’t work.

Take a look at this video

I imagine there will be a lawsuit or something over this incident. The employee will probably lose her job.

I don’t think either woman thought their day would turn out like this!

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