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Deranged Councilor Wants To Cut Off Every Dog’s Vocal Cords To Stop Them From Barking

A man has sparked local and international outrage when he made a shocking statement regarding his very own dog.

Turns out that it was the councilor of Medias, who was supposed to be a well-respected man.

He actually expressed the need to limit a dog’s freedom of speech – cutting off their vocal cords!

He encourages “debarking”, a surgery which may become mandatory for all locals and their pooches!

Another councilor, Ioan Ciulea, supports this notion, and reasons it as a preventive measure against animal-generated noise pollution.

Thankfully, local veterinarians are against such a ruling – dogs have a right to express how they feel and what they think, just like humans do!

Do you support this?

Look at this image:

Image Credit: yousignanimals

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