Cockroach On Face Challenge

Viral internet challenges come and go, and many are fun, sometimes even cute.

But this most recent challenge trending in Thailand and Malaysia is a bit more creepy and crawly.

A Facebook user named Alex Aung started a new challenge on April 20, 2019 when he posted a photo of his face with a cockroach on it.

Cockroach On Face Challenge
Alex Aung/Facebook

The caption of his photo said: “New challenge can you do this :)”

What followed were many brave individuals who were willing to take some odd selfies with cockroaches all over them.

Cockroach On Face Challenge
Hnin Wai Wai Moe

Here are some photos that were posted as comments in response to Alex Aung’s initial challenge.

The cockroach in this suspicious photo looks like it might be fake.

Cockroach On Face Challenge
Last Queen

Following suit, another girl posted a pictures doing this, but she didn’t state if it was actually for the cockroach challenge.

Cockroach On Face Challenge
Hpu Hpu Hpu

The bravest, or maybe craziest participant put eight cockroaches all over her face.

Cockroach On Face ChallengeThe cockroaches that are shown in these photos are known as American Cockroaches.

They are regarded as pests.

Being a larger species of cockroach, these pests can grow up to 35 or 40 mm.