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Man Chopped Off His Dog’s Paws To Teach Him A Lesson

As many dog owners know, dogs like to dig.

They dig for a variety of reasons, some dig because it is fun while others dig a shallow spot so they can keep cool during the hot summer days.

In Argentina, a dog dug himself a shallow well to cool off (or keep warm) and was severely punished.

Cecilia Del Valle Infate went outside for a walk and fell into the hole (obviously she wasn’t watching where she was going).

To teach the dog not to dig holes, the man, Roberto Carlos Cruz, chopped off one of her paws!

Thankfully a passerby saw the suffering dog and rushed her to the vet. The dog underwent emergency surgery to save her life.

man cuts off dog paws

Image Credit: yousignanimals

The dog has lost the use of her back paws, but at least she has found a new home and won’t have to worry about seeing those cruel people again.

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