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Neighbors Complained About Noise So She Set Up A Hidden Camera And Started Recording

Do you have noisy neighbors? I live across the street from a family that likes loud music. I am not complaining about the type of music – it is good music, but the hour they play the music leaves me quite unhappy. Nora, the cat, lives with a piano teacher named Betsy.

There were some complaints about the noise coming from the house when the Betsy wasn’t at home. To solve the mystery about the noise, she set up a camera. What Betsy found was shocking to everyone! Nora had apparently learned a trick or two about how to tickle those ivory keys! The video below features Nora The Piano Cat and is apparently the sequel!

Take a look at this video

This video is reportedly better than the original, but I would love to see that one too! Nora even has her own piano to play on during a lesson! What a talented kitty! Share away, people!