Image Credit: Global cat network / Facebook

This poor ginger kitty was broken and rejected. He kept trying to get help, but no one was willing to take a chance to help the poor creature.

What would be the harm in helping a helpless creature?

You can’t get an illness by touching a cat with deformities. Make a phone call.

Someone with compassion would happily come and pick up the animal.

No creature deserves to suffer – the least we can do is try to find them help.

One woman decided to take in the crippled cat and care for him. They went to the vet. She took him home and introduced him to her family.

Take a look at this video

She got him some protective leg coverings, and he learned to ‘walk’ in them.

I am so happy she took this cat in and gave him a home.

Be a kind human, reach out to those in need.

Share away, people.

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