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Boy Without Shoes Gave This Stray Dog A Sweater To Keep Warm

Kids have a way of showing us great things. Mohammad Belaal Imran, freelance filmmaker, has some proof of that.

While taking photos in Karachi, Pakistan, Mohammad saw a stray dog wearing a sweater.

Then a boy appeared calling out to the dog, the dog when nuts! The boy and the dog started to play – it was a happy moment.

The boy feeds the dog every day and had even given the dog a sweater because the weather was cold.

The boy doesn’t even have any shoes, but he was willing to give up a sweater to help a stray dog!

Look at the smile on that boy! He is thought to be just a ‘street kid.’

These children live and work in different cities in Pakistan.

Take a look at this image

barefoot boy

Image Credit: Mohammad Belaal Imran

But no one knows for sure what the boys’ living situation is.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the boy and his dog.

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