Seeking medical attention for issues that feel minor or aren’t potentially dangerous can feel like a huge expense.

On top of that, many remedies employed in the medical world can be taxing on the body.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that a lot of conditions don’t have easy, endorsed remedies!

The good news is that home remedies can often work just as well as medical ones.

Some might seem odd or confusing, but if they work, they’re always worth a shot.

They cost much less than going to a doctor, are completely natural, and work great for the sorts of aches and pains that keep you up at night but can’t quite be diagnosed.

Today, we’re talking about a remedy that sounds very unusual, but has an impressive track record.

Many people swear by the treatment of placing a bar of soap beneath their fitted sheets on their beds, claiming it helps without a single doubt!

But what could one single bar of soap cure?

As it turns out, this strange remedy is an effective treatment for restless leg syndrome.

Known sometimes as leg cramps or charley horses and mainly occurring at night when lying in bed, this condition is known to affect 50% of all people.

This manifests in discomfort or cramping of the legs when resting or lying down.

Typically, moving in this position only causes more painful cramps.

In most cases, this problem is believed to occur as a result of deficiencies of vitamins or minerals, excessive exercise, or dehydration.

There have been links to causes like pregnancy, kidney failure, alcohol consumption, and diabetes, but none of these have been proven root causes.

Does putting a bar of soap beneath a bedsheet really help their pain? 42% of restless leg syndrome sufferers certainly think so!

According to doctors, soap contains magnesium that can aid in cramp reduction, and scented soap – like ones with lavender – can help the body to relax, allowing for easier sleep.

It certainly sounds like an odd trick, but lots of people out there claim it completely works.

One individual stated that due to a herniated lower back disc that resulted in nerve damage, they wound up with severe pain in their right leg and lower back for a long 11 years.

Then, they were told about the soap trick and decided to give it a whirl.

Not only did it help alleviate the pain, it allowed them to finally sleep in a bed after nearly a decade of resorting to using a recliner chair to sleep!

After their third day using that hack, they awoke in bed with absolutely zero pain.

Another individual stated that their mother had always sworn by using this soap hack for leg cramp and pain relief.

At first, they thought she was under some sort of placebo effect, but then they began experiencing pain too.

So they tried it, and it worked – for both them and their husband!

They just place bars of any soap they want in different positions from their head to feet depending on where they feel that pain.

So, is there any truth to this soap treatment? Some people have seen tremendous results from it!

What are your thoughts? Is this a trick you’ve tried before, or one you’ll use in the future?

Even if it sounds weird, there’s no harm in giving it a go! If not, how will you know for sure?