baby girl found in a field

I don’t understand why some women are so cold-hearted that after going through nine months of pregnancy, they just abandon their infants, whether out of will or out of pressure from others.

I fail to understand what they’re thinking when they rain such brutality on newborns who look up to their parents to care for and love them.

This is the story of a newborn baby girl who was mercilessly dumped in a field in Thailand.

When the locals found her on the 11th of May, they were heartbroken to see that the poor girl was covered in ant and mosquito bites.

The poor baby couldn’t stop crying for help and was in so much pain from the insect bites that left her skin raw, however, thankfully she didn’t have any serious injuries.

Officials who took over the baby stated that while there were no serious injuries, the baby had been bitten a thousand times on her face and head, leaving her skin red and severely inflamed.

The locals who rescued the baby stated that she still had the umbilical cord attached to her, claiming she was probably just a day old and abandoned.

DailyMail / Twitter

While police continue to search for the parents, the baby is currently being treated and cared for at the Lat Krabang Hospital where she was taken immediately after being rescued.

Inspector of Chalong Krung police station, lieutenant colonel Samart Klinklao believes that the baby’s parents live close to the field where they abandoned her.

Moreover, CCTV cameras will be thoroughly investigated to find out who abandoned the baby in the field.

I can’t imagine how these parents sleep at night after knowing what they did to their own baby.

Instead of abandoning and dumping babies in fields and toilets, why not approach proper authorities and place them up for adoption where they have a chance to live?

All children deserve a chance to live.