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Autistic Boy Wows Crowd With Michael Jackson Hit Only To Have Judge’s Words Make Him Break Down

Those in the UK may recognize Calum Courtney as the “Asada Boy”, who sang his heart out to Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” in an Asada to shoppers, but he never reached the level of international fame that this stunt brought him before!

Image Credit: YouTube

The 10-year-old boy, who has autism, has always had a huge passion for music, and his beautiful voice has backed it up for all his life. When his performance in Asada went viral, it inspired him to start pursuing music seriously – and that’s how he ended up on Britain’s Got Talent stage for an audition.

Image Credit: YouTube

The moment Calum came out, his sweet responses to the judges’ questions immediately won over the crowd. When asked if he was nervous, Calum replied confidently that he was not. Calum’s family looked on anxiously as he began to sing. Performing the same song that helped him shoot to viral fame in the first place, the second Calum revealed his incredible voice, the auditorium was in shock!

Image Credit: YouTube

When his song finished, the judges’ feedback left Calum in tears and made his family run out to hug him. Watch the video to see the performance and find out exactly what the judges said that made Calum cry!

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