An organization called Rescue From The Hart found a dog that was hungry and very ill.


The dog was close to death as there were multiple organs that were failing.

Those who rescued her didn’t know if she would survive the first day that she was found.

The little dog was named Angel, and the group knew that they weren’t going to give up on her until there was nothing left to give.

Even though she was free of the abuse that she had to endure, she had a long hill to climb in order to be a healthy dog.

Treatments weren’t working, so they showed Angel that she could be loved.

All of the volunteers kissed and hugged Angel. They fed her and gave her water. They tried to show her that she was safe.


When she saw that she was in a place where she wouldn’t be abused, she started to eat again. Angel got stronger each day.

A few months later, Angel was a new dog and ready for a loving home. A little girl saw Angel and knew that she wanted to adopt her.

When the dog was taken to her forever home, she was like a brand new dog that could run, jump, and play instead of living a life of fear.