Anastasia Higginbotham

“Not My Idea’’, is the latest book in the series of acclaimed stories about witnesses.

In the chapters, a white, young, boy sees television news covering a white police officer who is shooting a brown individual, yet the character’s hands were up.

The child gets upset and asks the mother why the police didn’t arrest the brown person instead.

During the session that seems to be interrogative, the mother deflects.

She assures her child that they are safe.

Before the day ends, the duo visits an extended family (an aunt as well as an uncle).

While watching the television, a rally is aired in response to the shooting that occurred earlier in the day.

The young man catches a glimpse of a busy press conference trying to garner information from the victim’s family.

The aunt interjects that she cannot watch the news.

Anastasia Higginbotham accompanies the child in his quest to face history.

The activities implore children to cultivate the virtue of fairness and justice just like in planting a bean sprout in a carton of milk.

Anastasia Higginbotham

The prominent author may have written various books intended for kids, but the recent work is highly tackling heavy themes.

Being her latest project, she’s traveling across the country to do readings designed to teach children regarding the significant issues surrounding racism.

It’s not only Anastasia Higginbotham’s book that’s caught people’s attention but to some extent the way she presents the series of events.

The central visual aid that Anastasia Higginbotham has been using to educate children about the impending issues affecting their society is a direct reflection of Colin Rand Kaepernick’s life.

Anastasia Higginbotham

Being a former NFL quarterback, Kaepernick has consistently graced news headlines since the moment he knelt during the national anthem in preparation to a football game.

His decision sparked controversy on race particularly when other players decided to join him.

Consequently, conservatives called him on these actions.

He was also dismissed after being featured in a Nike advertisement where the slogan read “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”.

It’s possible that Colin Kaepernick’s actions exude his sentiments where he kneels for justice to end police brutality.