Thanks to the actions of a concerned witness, a group of puppies will likely be adopted by loving homes.


Someone contacted the Harris County Animal Cruelty department and notified them that someone had thrown a bag of eight little puppies from a car.

Someone from the department quickly arrived on the scene of the incident.

The puppies were cold and looked as though they hadn’t had anything to eat in some time.

They had been put in a large black trash bag and had been discarded like they were a bag of trash that you would remove from your home.

Before the man arrived, he saw the black bag and hoped that it wasn’t what he was looking for as the bag was closed and barely moving.

He hoped that the puppies were still alive and that they would be able to get the help that they needed.


When Michael Allan opened the bag, he saw that the puppies didn’t have their eyes open, making them only a few days old.

There was one puppy that didn’t survive.

Although the puppies had been discarded, they were about to get the love and support that they needed to thrive.

The staff at the Harris County Animal Shelter fed all of the puppies with bottles and cared for them during the day and at night.


There was a report filed against the person who was in the car who tossed the puppies out of the window.

The shelter is asking for any information about who could have done this as they try to nurse the puppies to health so that they can be adopted.

A few weeks after the puppies were rescued, a foster group volunteered to take all of them until they could find permanent homes that would give them the love they needed and deserved.