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Constipated Man Has 28 Pounds Of Feces Surgically Removed

It’s sometimes difficult to use the bathroom.

If you’re constipated for even a few days, the pain can become unbearable.

If you’re constipated for 22 years, then it’s hard to imagine what someone would be going through.

A man with Hirschsprung’s disease was constipated for over 20 years before doctors were able to do anything to help him.

The disease is one that makes it difficult to have normal bowel movements.

The man probably had bowel movements throughout his life, but it was also probably a bit harder for him to use the bathroom than it is for most other people.

This was likely the reason that doctors removed 30 pounds of poop that had backed up in his intestines over the years.

This was the waste that he simply couldn’t pass on his own.

It stayed in his intestines and collected until he was in so much pain that he had to visit a doctor to get help.

The man looked like he was pregnant because of the size of his stomach.

It was like carrying around a baby or two inside him for numerous years.

When doctors were finally able to remove the poop that was in his stomach, he likely felt a great deal of relief because he didn’t have the excess weight pressing on his abdominal organs.