In Pennsylvania, a group of men were jailed for performing sexual acts on animals and making a teenager assist them.


31-year-old Matthrew Brubaker, 41-year-old Terry Wallace, and 34 year-old Marc Measnikoff have all been found guilty of having sexual intercourse with 12 types of animals, including dogs, horses, goats and cows.

The crimes too place in Munson, Pennsylvania, where the three men live.

The three men drew attention to themselves due to the creation of what the police called a “makeshift farm.”

Police allege that the farm included a V-shaped pen used for the men’s activities.

After investigating the farm, police discovered an additional victim of the crime: a 16-year-old boy.

The boy, who is not being identified, allege that the men had been having sex with animals in the pen for longer than a decade.


The exact nature of the boy’s involvement is highly contested by the police and three adult men.

When the men were originally arrested, they were charged with misdemeanor counts of corruption of a minor and endangering the welfare of a child along with more than 1400 charges of sexual intercourse with animals and cruelty to animals.

According to the police, the men had forced the boy to film their acts.

But the police also allege that the boy was forced to hold down the animals so that the men could perform sexual acts on the animals.

Brubaker’s attorney strongly denies that the boy was involved in either holding the animals down or holding the camera to record the men’s acts.

Despite being charged with misdemeanor crimes, the sentences that the men received were severe.


The lowest sentence received was 20 years, while the highest sentence was 41 years.

During the trial, Judge Paul E. Cherry was very obviously disgusted with the men’s crimes.

At one point, Judge Cherry remarked that the videos of the men’s crimes depicted some of the “most disgusting, despicable” acts he had ever seen during his time as a judge.

Judge Cherry also questioned the men about why there was a camera at all and asked if the men were intending to sell their videos.

The lawyers for the convicted men were not happy with the verdict and noted that it would have been legal to kill all 730 cows.

The SPCA of Clearfield County was called in to care for the abused animals.