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It can be dangerous out in the big wide world. Unsavory characters may be around at any given moment.

If you’re alone at night or in potentially unsafe locations, it’s a good idea to be prepared and to know how to react in the event of an emergency or an attack.

Here are some tips to keep yourself alive.


If a thief demands your wallet, bag, or other similar items, do not hold it out to them.

Instead, throw it to the side, away from you. Most robbers will go for the item, allowing you to run quickly the other way.


Don’t take the stairs at night, as these can be terrible traps for crimes. Go for the lift.


Don’t sit in your car and finish up tasks. Many people make the mistake of sitting and lounging in their cars after coming back in – they may make shopping lists, organize their wallet and receipts, or text.

This gives a criminal the perfect opportunity to barge into the passenger seat or back seat and hold a gun to your head.

Don’t allow this – lock the doors and drive away as soon as you get in your car.

If a person does manage to get into your passenger seat, press down on the accelerator and crash your car into a nearby obstacle, such as a tree or post.

You’ll be safe thanks to your airbag and the criminal will likely become injured. Take the advantage to escape.


Many predators prey on people’s sense of sympathy and kindness; don’t allow yours to get you killed.

Take infamous serial killer Ted Bundy, for example, he would pretend to limp, or use a cane, and ask a kind woman for assistance with his car.

That’s how he kidnapped his victims.


If you’re in a situation where you can hit the other person, use your elbow – it’s the strongest area on your body!


Some criminals have taken to going to homes at night and turning on all the taps outside at full blast.

This is done in order to coax you outside to investigate a burst pipe. Don’t do this – stay indoors, make sure your doors are locked, and check in the morning.


If you are ever kidnapped and kept in a car trunk, use your legs to kick the rear tail lights out.

Then, stick your arm out through this side and wave to get the attention of passersby or other vehicles.


If someone is chasing or threatening you with a gun and you can move, run away quickly and in a zig-zag pattern.

A running target is very hard to hit – and if you do get shot, it’ll likely not be a vital organ.


If you hear the sounds of a child or baby crying outside your car door or house door, do not open it to investigate.

Some criminals use pre-recorded baby sounds to trick people into coming out.


When you first go to a parking lot, take a look around. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and if anyone is hiding inside your car.

If there’s a vehicle parked next to yours, observe it. Is it a large van? Some predators use these to kidnap people, so get in from the passenger side of your car.

Is it a car with a man or a group of men who seem to be waiting for something? Don’t go to your car; come back later.